Flicks From a Younger Time

On a recent trawl through my bookmarked pages, I happened to stumble across an old blog of mine – a previous space that in the back of my mind, that must have been one of the factors driving me towards this space in hindsight.

One of the blog posts there was a photo journal from a holiday with family, in the first few weeks of owning my first DSLR. I have left the photos untouched, they are incredibly reflective of my style still and in my opinion; alright for a 16 year-old who had barely held a camera at this point.

A trip to Mallala, Adelaide to race with the familia – four years on and I am still behind the camera at the track. These photos offered me personally a vignette to so much time we spent at the track competing growing up, and I will hold them dear to my heart.

Enjoy and much love,



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