Dawn – A New Day

With the dawn comes a new day, and boy am I ready for it. Hello and welcome to the brand new claudialouisemuller.com – a space for flexing creativity, sharing knowledge and hopefully, documenting this point in my life – on this teeny lil’ space in our universe that we call home.

Welcome to my corner of the Internet, initially thrust upon me by professors and academics, I have come to love and appreciate the possibilities that come with blogging. However, I all too often find myself quite passively participating when I full-well could be contributing. So here I am, letting my fingers express the whirlwind of self-conversation within my head, talking to you – separated only by mere millimeters of glass and years and years of electronic advancement. Who is she? you question, (well at least in my mind you do)…

My name is Claudia, I am 20 and I am currently in Sydney, Australia. I say currently with intention, because I have been fortunate enough in my lifetime to see exactly what the rest of the world has to offer. I spend my time studying at the University of Wollongong, eyes set on a piece of paper printed ‘Bachelor of Communications & Media Studies (Dean’s Scholar)‘ (I include the later because it’s okay to be proud of something you worked hard for once in a while, got to be someone’s #proudmum). I am majoring in Marketing and Advertising although my interests lie in more creative pursuits – design, photography, the arts… and I think that’s okay. I am just figuring out my way through it, one step at a time – although known for biting off way more than one can chew. I am terrible at saying no. I find myself in the most bizarre situations. I sometimes say odd things. I am human, and so are you. I hope you’ll join me on this weird path. I guess this is the part where I sign off properly for the first time; I better make it count…

“What is done in love is done well.” VVG

Much love,


Copyright Claudia Louise Muller 2017

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