A Millennial Love – A Research Reflection

What a project this has been. If you need a recap, read this and this first. This research project was structured on the foundations of complete curiosity about a topic that I myself, as a millennial, was directly affected by. A Millennial Love, a complete analysis of the modern dating environment that unearthed assumptions, expectations, ideologies and realities that my peers and I are faced with and challenged by on a daily basis. As a research professional (I use the term professional very lightly, as I am still learning, although still aiming to be as professional as a second year student can be), I have come to realise how big a task this was – looking into something that I was so confused about myself.

I can say now, however, that this research project has not only allowed me to come to terms with how I feel about dating in the modern world, but also how I practice as a researcher, and how I can better my practices in future. Firstly, time-management is everything. It is crucial not to bite off more than one can chew, and develop research goals that are achievable and will not harm the outcome of your findings. I feel I may have managed my time a little better, although I am aware that I can no longer change such and will not beat myself up about it. Secondly, integrity in research is just as crucial and I am proud to have strived to create a piece of research that was as ethical as I could have allowed it to be – whereby I went to every length to protect the identity of my participants and ensured that they knew exactly what they were getting themselves into. My communications strategy allowed a constant flow of contact with respondent who wished to keep track of the project in real time.

Incorporating ethical research practices within my literature review was also extremely beneficial when it came time to employ the research methodologies outlined. The Harvard University Program on Survey Research heavily guided construction of my survey and contributed to its success I feel, while Elsevier Ethics in Research & Publication really allowed me to grasp an objective standpoint when it can time to analyse the results of my research. Background research into these practices granted me critical insight to the ways of an effective researcher, which I aimed to model myself upon, and would recommend to any other researchers just starting.

Through all this, curiosity did fuel this project, and the thirst for answers was most definitely quenched. On a much more personal note and outcome of this task, I have come to an understanding about how I feel myself about dating in the modern world. I have come to realise that singleness is not just a state of transition into a relationship, but also a state within itself. Its’ own destination. There are so many contradictory expectations and assumptions attached to dating that, as a millennial, I am happy to say I don’t mind not worrying about at all. Good luck to all those navigating those waters, if you need me, I’ll be here – sunbaking on the beach.

For further enquiries about my research, or if you wish to receive a copy of the final report, please contact me at clm574@uowmail.edu.au

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