Entry 6 CAGD290

After the creation of my site wireframes for the redesign of the live music venue, and the birth of my usability tests, it was time to put the two head to head and see how they fared. I had 5 participants – whose identity I will keep anonymous as part of the confidentiality requested – to take on three tasks that I designed to truly test the outcome of my redesign. Overall the usability tests revealed faults in some little functional elements of the working wireframes which have since been repaired (pesky buttons) and the general consensus was a positive attitude towards the site.

Task one (finding the address of the venue to learn its location, and the ease at which one could find this information) proved extremely easy for the participants as they immediately looked to the menu for a contact button where they expected the address to be. Some commented later that they also knew of its Coogee location from exploring the about page also, which benefited the cause. Two out of the five participants also appreciated the placement of a map or mapping service such as Google linked on the contact page, stating that it would be extremely helpful for someone navigating to the venue in live time while using the site.

Task two (browsing what is on this weekend at the venue) was well received, with positive regards to the links to the appropriate Facebook events. However, many participants were concerned with the size of the weekly posters and their readability, recommending remove one and enlarge the main one to improve the issue and minimise the concern. Since this is a content issue directed towards the content from the live music venue, I have left it in the wireframe and would recommend the venue consider a change in layout of their weekly events posters.

Task three (navigating and spending time exploring the website) was generally well received. All participants said the many options to navigate to a particular page in aid of the main horizontal menu was extremely helpful, and that they definitely thought the website represented the vibe emitted from the venue itself. They felt the wireframe accurately represented the website, and when shown the original music venue site five out of the five participants agreed they preferred the redesigned working wireframe.

With these results I am fairly satisfied with the outcome of the working wireframe. Given more time and resources, who knows whether it may have looked completely different, however with the brief outlined for this projects I feel the site delivers within its intended function, and I am confident would increase the traffic and use across the site.


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