Entry 5 CAGD290

In order to create a functional and aesthetically pleasing site, a designer needs to ensure that it is not catered only to their tastes but to the users intended to interact with the site, to fulfill the purpose outlined within the brief. After re-visiting the brief I allocated to this project, I came up with three usability tests to ensure three things: efficiency, effectiveness and satisfaction – as recommended in CAGD290. The three tasks include:

  1. Find the address of the venue to learn its location. How easy or difficult was it to find this information?
  2. What is on this weekend at the venue? Browse the options.
  3. Please spend 5 minutes exploring the website. How easy or difficult was it to navigate? Any feedback?

This combination of open-ended and specific tasks should explore the outcomes of my site redesign, and bring to light any potential issues or road bumps that may limit the site from performing its intended function. These tasks are a tool of evaluation, and in combination with a keen ear, observation of frustration and time taken to complete the task, will reveal how successful or unsuccessful the prototype is.


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