Entry 2 CAGD290

Getting down to business – with the aesthetics and the functions of the music venue website clearly defined (read my last blog post here), I have narrowed down further the direction I will take this redesign. I began by mapping out the website using a site map diagram, in order to clearly define exactly where the content will belong on the site. Considering the content distribution was actually fairly justified in where is was placed, huge restructure to the mapping was unnecessary – the separate pages in the menu including Home, About, Food and Drinks, Events, Gallery, and Contact. The only major change included the rename of the food menu, as I wanted to avoid confusion as it is currently labeled ‘Menu’, with the new design pictured in the site map below.


With this is mind; the major part of the redesign will not be in the rearrangement of content, but in the structure and layout of the pages. The website suffers from a bizarre mix of an endless scroll that users cannot access by scrolling but appears when one clicks on a button from the menu… The website could benefit from a stationary background and easier menu navigation, with a more centralized layout. These concepts will be explored through wireframes – the next step in the process of website redesign.


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