Entry 1 CAGD290

An entry regarding website re-design. It has been a few weeks since I landed on a website to redesign for CAGD290 – where the task at hand requires us to select a local tourist destination website that may be in need of a refresh. The website I selected is a restaurant and music venue in Coogee, Sydney. The venue has a strong focus on the Sydney Live music scene, supporting acts almost every night of the week with a large pizza menu and bar (with some killer sangria)…

The website, while functional, does not fully represent its style and vibe, and while it provides its most basic functions; they could be structured a little better for improved usability. I find it important to outline its main functions in order for me to redesign an effective website, these include:

  • The bars’ whereabouts and contact information
  • An about page, briefly explaining what the business is about
  • The food and drink menu
  • The schedule for live music acts each week

Basing the redesign of these key features, my next step was to decide on the aesthetic of the design, executed in the mood boards below. The redesign is to reflect the vibe of the venue and the music acts that play there, so site visitors know exactly what to expect.

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