Research Update on a Modern Millennial Love

And we are back! I am here to talk about my BCM212 research project and where I am currently at, so if you need a starting point you can check out this blog post to see where I am coming from and where we are going.

I set out with a whole heap of questions surrounding the modern dating environment, with premises of modern happily-ever-after’s, how technology influences modern dating, and whether or not dating is harder now than it was. To refine the topic, I made the executive decision to go right to the heart of these questions, to something that directly affects my peers and myself – what is dating for the millennial? What are the perceptions; complications and expectations surrounding the dating environment for those aged 16 to 26? A spark of curiosity was integral to the birth of this project and is the driving element behind so, encouraging me to reveal truths surrounding dating in a 21st Century world. To conduct this research I am involving a mixture of primary and secondary data collection through literature reviews, surveys and focus groups – which you are more than welcome to be a part of, just read on…

I will continue to update those readers who are interested on my blog with regular posts similar to this, and will be tweeting out relevant links I come across on my twitter and with the hash tag #BCM212. A link to my survey is available on the BCM Moodle forum as well as in the closed Facebook group UOW BCM 2016. For further information or enquiries please do not hesitate to contact me at

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