A Modern Millennial Love

Dear loved ones,

Lately I have begun to notice a certain repetition in our lives, and particularly our conversations. This topic that we circulate time and time again has sparked my curiosity, and I feel it must finally reach some sort of end, an end where two people are happy together, in love unconditionally. The fact is, I couldn’t tell you how many times a group of us have sat around discussing the absurdities of dating and navigating the conversation of “Hey, I really dig you.”

In the past we have stumbled upon more than a few questionable theories of modern love, ones that could only be unraveled through a dedicated study. Where are the standards these days? What is the expectation out there and what expectations should 17-25 year-olds bring to the table? How has technology shaped and influenced not only these standards and expectations but how has it altered the outcome? In a world of Tinder, Bumble, sexual expression and gender fluidity how has dating been shaped for the young millennial? Most importantly, how do these aspects of the modern world affect our navigation of these relationships, and does it impact negatively or positively on our self-worth?

The process all seems so complicated now, where there are all these bridges one must cross in order to attain what they want, or in many cases, not what they wanted at all. India Benjamin from Huffington Post simplified dating in the past to three steps:

“1. Find someone you like
2. Ask said someone on a date (cinema, Pizza Express, Nandos if you were really lucky)
3. Ask said someone to be your boyfriend/ girlfriend.”

Does it have to be any more complicated than that? The Association for Psychological Science conducted a study on the online dating era that millennials have surrounded themselves in whereby the idea was discussed that “Online dating sites frequently claim that they have fundamentally altered the dating landscape for the better.” In a techno sexual world, have these sites improved or hindered the ability for our generation to relate and find significant others? Or are we just overthinking the whole thing?

These are all questions that could reveal astounding truths about our society and this generation. In order to seek clarity in these areas, I will dedicate my time to researching these areas through primary and secondary sources. With access to such a large group of young millennials who are struggling to navigate the choppy waters of 21st century dating, I feel it is a topic that is relevant and most importantly – one that’s peaks my curiosity.



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