Curiosity Drives Tertiary Education

BCM212, hey, it me.

I am Claudia, a 19-year-old student at the University of Wollongong – that’s right, a student – a title that I chose to pursue and embrace, at the hand of sheer curiosity. The truth is, I wasn’t satisfied when I graduated high school a little over a year and a half ago – appreciative, sure don’t get me wrong, but dissatisfied with the knowledge that those 13 years could be as far as my learning experience could go.

The thing about university for me was that I would be granted the opportunity to learn and ask questions about topics that I was interested in, things that I was curious about. A report by Gary N. Marks; Completing University: Characteristics and Outcomes of Completing and Non-completing Students fascinated me when I began to research the opportunities that would open up for me in a Community and Family Studies class in the distant past – an article that I found bookmarked in the depths of Chrome. At the time, I was completing an independent research project on the differing results between students who moved on straight to university to those who chose to travel in a ‘gap year’.

So here I am, researching communications, media, marketing and graphic design – things that pull me in, that cloud my mind with possibility. Lets see where it takes me.



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