Global Film: Nollywood and Korean Cinema

Hollywood isn’t the only industry out there rolling out feature films. In fact, as many fail to realise, there is even more than one that could give Hollywood a ‘run for its money’. The global box office has been dominated by particular nations in the past several years, and it hasn’t been America, as most would assume.

The Nigerian film industry – known as Nollywood – is booming and produces and distributes the most feature films at a rate of a whopping 50 per week1 – more than Hollywood and only slightly less than Bollywood in India. Generating an incredible $590 million per year1 it is easy to see that the industry is one of much significance when it comes to the mediascape of today. In 2015 alone the international box office – that is, all nations not including The US and Canada – accounted for 71% of the $39.3 Billion2 US Dollars taken from audiences, showcasing the true power of the non-Hollywood film industry. So why do white audiences remain so oblivious to the content that is out there? Does such ignorance come from a place of cultural superiority or genuine unawareness? These are the questions that need to be asked moving forward to a multicultural world, brought upon by the globalisation of the mediascape.

Korean Wave has seen a rapid increase in popularity – if not obsession. Teenagers across the globe vividly follow K pop and Korean produced-films, where many identify with respective “fandoms” that congregate on the web. Popular sites for these groups to group together include Tumblr and Youtube with other major media outlets jumping on the bandwagon. For example, web-media giant BuzzFeed has been integrating Korean culture into their content in order to reach a wider audience of not only Koreans but a lot of Europeans who adore the culture. For example, this Korean Cinema Parody video is one of several short clips that received a huge viewing from a global audience, which you can watch below.

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