The (Almost) End

The semester has nearly drawn to a close, and hasn’t it been an adventure. No one individual can prepare you for what university actually is and how it goes, nor did high school or any family members who attended before you. It is a unique and valuable experience that you could not be less ready for. Over the last 13 weeks I have met incredible people, learnt things I never imagined possible and most importantly left my comfort zone. University couldn’t be more different to high school and it is a completely different ball game, and it has taken some getting used to. Considering how quickly this last semester has gone by it was 100% worth it, and I cannot believe I am already one sixth of the way through my degree already. Is only the first year, but the end is in sight and I feel like next semester I will have slightly more of an idea about what I am doing.

LHA102 it has been a blast, I’ll miss you all the most,



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