Investments Worth the Investment

My friend and I have this belief, this core value that we do not betray. We go by this golden rule of investment: “Always spend more money on the following things. They are an investment and you should not buy cheap shoes, bed linen, or jeans.”

The idea is engrained in our spending habits and we have saved ourselves a lot of money and discomfort by investing into good shoes, bed linen and jeans. Investing a bit more money into these items will save you a ton of your hard-earned moolah in the long run, and will give you a great return on investment. They are items that everyone has to have; they are a core part of the everyday material things that you use. Cheap shoes can ruin a fun event, cheap bed sheets can be ready to replace in several uses and bad jeans, well, no one wants poorly-fitting or ill-made jeans. So go on – treat yo’ self and spend a little bit more on those fab leather boots – they’ll last a lot longer than the $10 faux suede sale ones. Splurge on a fancy doona cover and give your room a whole new look. Most importantly – put the $19.95 jeans down Johnny – no zipper should have to go through that…



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