Yeah Okay Boys Whatever You Say


You all know one. The boy who, instead of complimenting your ‘on-fleek’ eyebrows, he went ahead and said it. He did the thing. The thing where he thinks we care what he thinks and we put $52 foundation all over our face for the sole purpose of HIM. In the coming days you see he has liked 39 photos of @hot_insta_babe_97 – all heavily edited with her “no-makeup look” that took 16 beauty products and 20 minutes to create. Fools. Newsflash, a lot of things we produce online are not real. Even without Photoshop, we heavily edit our online persona so that people see the very best parts of our lives – the once-in a lifetime show you went to see, or the beautiful beach you visited once for a sunbaking shot with a friend but you wont go back because there was actually too much seaweed in the water. I believe it to be a human condition – we give the people what we think they want, doesn’t matter if we have had a rubbish day with group assignments and have stayed in our pj’s till dinner. Celebrities do it, parents do it, and we do it. We are all guilty of creating a whole other person for everyone else to see online. This week I was really challenged to be a bit more real online, to try and shift to something a little bit more like myself. I’ll keep you posted as to how it goes, in the meantime, watch one of my favourite short-films on this topic below!

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