What is Nude

World-renowned fashion designer Christian Louboutin, infamous for his high-market handbags and red-soled shoes, created the collection mid 2013 in his studio in Paris when he realised and identified a need for a range of nude shoes that would fulfill their original intended purpose in elongating women’s legs, but for multiple skin tones. This need had not previously been addressed as an issue that could be resolved through design, and Louboutin was determined to find a design solution to meet the needs of thousands of consumers that have fair to dark skin. His compassion for those who had forever struggled to find a shoe to elongate the look of their legs resulted in him redefining what was known as the ‘nude’ shoe.

“I have always been interested in the concept of nude, not just as one colour but the various colours of skin. Nude elongates your leg and doesn’t take space away from your body … a shoe which is dedicated totally to the woman – it disappears completely and dissolves into your legs.” – Christian Louboutin

A typical nude heel is thought of as a pinkish-beige colour, designed to elongate and flatter a women’s legs in a flattering fashion, the similar colour of the shoe to the skin tone of its wearer almost becoming an extension of the leg to a certain extent. This look of a longer leg is what is generally perceived as more aesthetically pleasing in today’s modern society, creating popularity for the staple nude heel. However, this shoes ability to elongate through similar colouring to the skin failed when it came to light, dark and off medium toned skin. Louboutin designed an innovative product to meet this need, through the creation of a range of heels, available in five differing ‘nude’ shades, to best suit multiple skin tones. The colours available range from what could be described as a “rich mahogany brown to a blush” (Daily Mail, 2013). The shoes (pictured above) are made out of 100% leather and feature the iconic Louboutin red sole and come in a variety of classic Louboutin styles.


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