“Good Luck Getting a Job in Journalism”


Everyone who wants to be a journalist has heard it at least once before. From that weirdly older cousin at the family Christmas lunch to the filthy rich aunty with an opinion on everything – apparently, journalism is done. All the vacancies are gone; there is simply no work for poor little Johnny to bother spending his trust fund on a ridiculously expensive qualification. They have one part right, and the other terribly wrong. While institutional media struggle to keep pace with breaking news stories, citizen journalists speed ahead at breakneck speed. With the empowerment of audiences and their increased connectivity online, how could media conglomerates keep up? Citizen journalists are everywhere at all times, ready to tweet at a moments notice, to pull out their camera phone and record it first hand for the whole Internet to see. What I am trying to say, is that in this weeks lecture I realised anyone who posts about current events online can be a journalist, so next time you hesitate – prove aunty Martha and cousin Greg wrong – and you bring that news to the ears of the thousands (or to the screens of, that is).

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