Kindness. What a simple and beautiful concept. Today I was reminded of the joy such a simple act of compassion can, and does, bring to an individual. I was reminded of its capability when I was suddenly thrown in the path of an enormous and terrifying arachnid hanging from a ceiling outside our lecture theatre, waiting for its next victim. A lovely girl from my course – who was a stranger to me – very bravely pushed me out of the way before I had the chance to walk face-first into the eight-legged creature. Being a criminally early hour of the morning to ask uni students to come and sit through a two-hour lecture, the stranger had no obligation to push me out of the way, and the attacks’ occurrence and my resulting flailing probably would have brought more entertainment to her Monday morning. How kind of her to show selflessness even for a moment – to spare the mortification of another. I am in debt to her, and I apologise for the proceeding embrace and tears of joy that followed – it was the only way I could react. The message taken from this experience is that it doesn’t hurt to put someone else first even for just a moment to show kindness, and also, that not all heroes wear capes.


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