Remixing Friends/Drake/Obama

Remixing videos of my friends is my new favorite thing to do. Thanks BCM112. Buying into the remix culture of today, I created this gem as my remediation for this week. Enjoy below.

This remediation for this weeks ‘remix’ topic is two things: a – an example of how ridiculously good this course is, and b – an example of our remix culture. The topic this week really got me thinking about the dynamics between produsers and content creators, and where we are culturally with the creation of new content from old content. I started to question exactly how much content that we produce is actually original, or if we are really just interpreting other ideas to form them in our own image? The dynamics of convergence have left room for the celebration of remixing content, whereby some of my favorite examples include this escalator channeling its inner-Drake with Hotline Bling and the President of the United States ‘singing’ or as I prefer to call it ‘speeching’ to Shake it Off by Taylor Swift. I’ll leave you with those gems.

For now, signing off,





  1. May 13, 2016 / 11:54 am

    Hey Claudia,

    I loved your remix video, any Hollaback Girl meme is gold in my books. I also thought your post was very clear and straight to the point about the issue. Your post also got me thinking about how much of our culture is remixed, there could be a very strong argument made for a lot of content just being remixed and appropriated ideas from earlier and more original content.

  2. May 13, 2016 / 1:18 pm

    Hi Claudia, great post! I’d first like to start off by saying that that remix was fantastic. Moving on, this idea of whether anything we create really is original is certainly thought-provoking. Can we really say something is original if it has been appropriated from something else, and if you think about it, is there anything out there that isn’t remixed from another idea? Again, great post!

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