I Make, You Make, We All Make Content

Craft and digital making – we all do it. The use of the Internet by a user will result in some form of digital footstep – a little traceable piece of work left behind by users and produsers alike. Whether we realise it or not, we have experienced the process of crafting digital content, whether it be filming, editing and uploading a YouTube video, producing, performing and podcasting a single on Sound cloud or making a meme to share with friends. The most active time we spend on crafting digital content is the production of our online presence; adding little pieces of our personality in the form of profile pictures, tweets and check-ins. This digital masterpiece allows other users to see a vignette of our lives – all depending on how much content we produce as a part of our online persona. To prove this, my remediation for this week is a film I have wanted to share for quite some time but never found the reason to. Not only was I practicing the craft of digital making in the creation of the video, but also the crafting of my online presence – by uploading how I spent April of two years ago, I further craft how I appear to other users online. See the film below:

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