Keeping Up With The Royal Family

This week a lovely fellow student gave a presentation by the name of Claire – on the topic of the royal family. It was wonderfully presented and provided an unbiased and interesting account of the royals’ popularity and influence over the past several decades, and questioned their future relevance, power and influence. The presentation made me think about my stance on the family, and whether or not they SHOULD remain relevant. I mean, they are a well-educated group of peoples who are respected, they also show respect for their peoples, and they present themselves with elegance and grace without fault. So, who is to say that they aren’t good role models for the people to look up to? Are they not a good example? Australia effectively ‘ditching’ the British monarchy will not only leave a new and inexperienced government in shambles but also has the ability to leave Australia vulnerable on an International front. On another level, what will be the fate of the thousands of Australians living and working in Britain? Just food for thought, however I feel as if I have realised that I am fully in favor of ‘keeping’ the royal family – whether we can keep up with them or not.


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