DA Reference 6

Knoblauch, M. (2016). The Beginners Guide to Vine. [Blog] MASHABLE. Available at: http://mashable.com/2013/12/11/vine-beginners-guide/#G6JgDXkVsEq7 [Accessed 1 Apr. 2016].

With a few vines under Us Takes Uni’s belt, I decided to come back and re-evaluate how we were creating content and whether or not it was compatible with the platform we were using. This blog post was excellent communicating the basics yet again to reaffirm that what we were creating was acceptable and would be accepted by the audience on the platform. It was a good find and helped our group re-establish where we were heading with our content creation and also recommended other Viner’s for us to follow and get some inspiration off which we further investigated however did not directly take any ideas from.


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