I Usually Hate Audience Paticipation

But when it come to the internet, its a different story…

Media Audiences

Memes. I just made a meme. I am participating in content creation, about content. Which brings me to (beautiful literal segue) participation culture and empowerment of audiences. In making this meme, not only have I produced content but have actually actively participated in responding to the original content. In its creation I have not only drawn on the topic of this weeks lecture (content) in the copy but also drawn on the comical nature of Sean Bean’s face from the iconic Lord of the Rings (also content). This meme is a representation of my response as an active member of the audience – otherwise known as a produser. The remediation itself embodies participatory culture, as does the subject itself. Convergent Media Practices is a reflection of participatory culture and the empowerment of audiences.

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  1. May 13, 2016 / 4:57 am

    Hi Claudia! This was a really great blog post. You have addressed the weekly content in a succinct form so it is easy to understand. Your use of a meme from Lord of the Rings reflects your understanding of the topic and your ability to demonstrate your knowledge. Making references to pop culture also makes it relevant to the demographic of your readers.
    Your writing style is easy and entertaining to read. I thoroughly enjoyed it!
    – Chloe

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