Meet Ben. But Don’t Be Like Ben.

Souncloud Podcast

Gadgets. Don’t we just love our gadgets? We cherish them. Worship them. We sleep with them by our bedside. We don’t let them out of our sights. God forbid we part with them BEFORE something better is released. We only accept the best of the best.

And yet, somehow their many affordances seem to slip by us. Do we actually fully realise the maintenance they require? Just think about how often you charge your phone without even thinking about how it should last longer, and how much time you spend updating your gadgets, let alone how much you spend on these ventures. Yet still, Apple estimates its customer’s lifetime value at around $26,000 – which should be evidence enough that consumers really don’t care about the affordances of these converging technologies. Unfortunately, Ben really is us, and we are like Ben in more ways than one.

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