Small Fish in a Very Large Pond

For this week I wanted to bring to attention something that has been on my mind. A question that has been bugging me as the 31st of March draws near. With the census date looming ahead, I find myself constantly questioning why I am at university. And really, why are we here? And yes I understand that for some a degree is the ticket to the job they always wanted and that there is no other path other than doing so, but what about the people who don’t have a really specific goal? Who don’t really know what they want out of university? Just out of high school I feel as if it is a very expensive way to kick off life in the ‘real-world’ and a big gamble on our futures if it isn’t to work out. As a cohort I continue to find ourselves confronted with the sudden and immense load of responsibility: whereby quite quickly we were thrust out of high school and are given the job of knowing what we want out of life and being prepared to go and get it. All too often I am meeting people who show this weight on their shoulders – you can see it as they purchase textbooks they might not end up ever using and as they navigate assignments that they have never charted before. University is a very large pond, and I don’t think a lot of us were prepared for it.


Nonetheless, I look forward to mastering the art.


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